About us

The “Dolmetscher- und Übersetzerzentrale” (interpreting and translating centre), headquartered in Landshut, and our branch office in Munich have been operating in the field of interpreting and translation for more than two decades.

A wide network of professional, sworn interpreters and translators from all fields and languages is at our disposal. This is why we are in a position to provide translations into and from all languages and to allocate professional interpreters for all occasions and for all languages.
We are also the right partner for you when the most unusual dialects are needed.
We accompany you during your short stay in Germany or abroad as well as during ceremonial occasions such as a wedding, a business meeting or any other appointment.

bild 6Often a document has to be translated into several languages. In these cases we would like to assist you with our experience. The elaborate and time-consuming search for a suitable translator is no longer required and you will only be dealing with a single contact person during the complete duration of your translation order.

When sending us orders with a high volume, we form language teams specialised in specific fields. Only publicly appointed and sworn interpreters and translators act as team leaders in such cases. With this service we provide you access to a professional language assistant who accompanies you throughout the whole project and who ensures that you are fully informed at all times.

We translate and interpret

  • from a foreign language into the German language
  • from the German language into a foreign language
  • from one foreign language into another

We assist you anywhere you need us.

Our guarantee

The Übersetzerzentrale München (ÜZM) guarantees you excellent quality and professional services.
You will benefit from our highly qualified employees and efficient organisation.

We guarantee you

  • delivery on time
  • complete and accurate translation of your documents
  • absolute discretion
  • delivery in every desired format
  • fair prices