Specialised translations

Expert translators specialise in one or more text types of a specific field in specific languages, e. g. finances, IT, electrical engineering or law. Specialised translations account for the biggest proportion of the translation market. A translator’s skill cannot be judged by the number of specialised fields and languages that he offers, because it is very time consuming to stay terminologically and factually up-to-date.

bild 7Among our specialised translators are also officially authorised or sworn translators, who are either “authorised” or “appointed“(“ermächtigt, beeidigt”) by regional courts in Germany. They are specialised in translations of contracts or certificates and certify their correct rendition into the target language. These “certified translations” are required for official purposes such as for the marriage between a German citizen and a foreigner. In Germany, the regulations for the appointment of official translators and interpreters and for the certification of translations vary from federal state to federal state. The differences from one country to another are even more significant.

Another group of specialised translators are those specialising in the localisation of software products. They adapt software, online helps and handbooks to any given regional market. This not only includes the translation of text segments but also further adaptation. Localisation includes the adaption of date indications, direction of writing and of symbols or colours to a specific culture or market. When a software producer intends to enter a new market, his product has to be localised.

Just as standards are applied to all production processes and services in order to guarantee a specified degree of quality, they are also applicable to translation processes.

Literary translations

Literary translators transfer literature, e. g. novels, poems or comics, as well as non-fictional books and articles into their target language. Just as any original text, the translation of a literary text is subject to intellectual property rights and is therefore protected by copyright.

Terminology management

Terminologists compile and maintain mono- or bilingual terminology databases of large cooperations, public authorities and specific organisations. A terminology database contains a organisation’s specific terminology and includes definitions as well as additional information of the stored vocabulary, e. g. the corresponding term in other languages.