Escort Interpreting

Interpreting for individuals and groups on sightseeing tours etc., interpreting for any kind of conversations and events (e. g. conversations with clients, doctor-patient communication etc.).

Community Interpreting

Interpreting for individuals and groups when dealing with any form of authorities (e. g. social welfare office, civil registry office, pension insurance institution etc.).

Court Interpreting

Interpreting in court and when dealing with authorities. In general this requires a sworn interpreter. In some cases the interpreter can also be sworn in at the beginning of the proceedings by the judge. However, we usually only provide you with sworn interpreters for court interpreting.

Intercultural Communication

This interpreting competence is becoming increasingly important, because the translator not only mediates between two languages but also between different cultures.

Conference Interpreting

Simultaneous or consecutive interpreting at conferences, conventions etc., a single interpreter or a team of interpreters (with the necessary equipment, if requested) is used.