Types of interpreting

Whispered Interpreting

Interpreting mostly without any technology or merely with the assistance of a mobile whispering system. The listener is directly whispered to without the assistance of technology. In this case a maximum of two listeners can be accommodated.
With a mobile whisper system a small group of listeners are equipped with stethosets. The interpreter uses a wireless microphone for communicating with the audience. However, the interpreter has no technology available that helps him hear the speaker speak himself. For this reason he always has to be positioned close to the speaker.
A considerable disadvantage of this technique is that other listeners may be disturbed by the whispering, because the interpreter does not sit in a soundproof booth and contributions by listeners have to be interpreted consecutively.

Consecutive Interpreting

This is the classic form of interpreting. Successive interpreting of text segments, generally used in liaison or bilateral interpreting as well as in court interpreting.
Usually no additional technical equipment is necessary for this form of interpreting, however, the speech is going to last twice as long due to the somewhat delayed interpreting.

Simultaneous Interpreting

Interpreting a speech or segments almost simultaneously. Here the interpreters usually work in pairs or in groups of three and are situated in a soundproof booth. They have ideal interpreting conditions and hundreds of listeners can be accommodated at the same time. This is a very dynamic form of interpreting without any limitations for the listeners or speakers. However, extensive technological equipment has to be used and therefore this is going to be more costly for the customer, because interpreting systems have to be rented.

Liaison Interpreting

Interpreting at any kind of negotiations. This form of interpreting is especially used for the communication between business partners and in court.

Conference Interpreting

Interpreting any kind of speeches using the necessary technological equipment, if requested.