Interpreting technology

Interpreting system

MicroWith the interpreter desk the interpreter in the booth can select the channels for listening or speaking.dolmpult2 He wears a headset or uses a table microphone in combination with earphones. The interpreter desk is connected to a central control unit. The original audio is fed into the system directly from its respective source. The output signals are relayed to the connected headphones or to an infrared interpreter system via the individual channels.

Interpreter booth

Dolmetscherkabine_BildThe work station of simultaneous interpreters Soundproof model, ventilation, spaciousness, interpreter desk, headset, lighting etc. There are both transportable and stationary interpreter booths.


Infrared interpreter booth

dolmemfgerThe infrared interpreter booth consists of a transmitter and a receiver unit.
The transmitter has multiple input channels which can serve to accommodate various languages.
The advantages of an infrared system: No cables, high-quality transmission, high sound quality, fast installation and transmission reliability.

Whispered interpreting system

Whispered interpreting systemUsed mainly for tour guides at trade fairs and museums in order to establish a good connection between the speaker and the group. It can, however, also serve as whispered interpreting system. Due to more difficult working conditions it can only be used for a limited amount of time and for no more than about 25 listeners though.
Advantages: easy to transport and store (fits easily into suitcases) due to its small and handy size but only one language direction is possible. Disadvantage: only one language direction is possible.

Conference interpreting system

Combination of required components for audio and image transmission at any kind of event.